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Futureproofing Infrastructure Projects

isixeko Developers have developed a strategy and product suite that provides the infrastructure and tools to government and industry to enable them to make sustainable impact in under-served communities in South Africa and the African Continent.

isixeko Developers is a turnkey solutions business that works with public and private partners to deliver large scale infrastructure and investment solutions across Africa. We are the only high-impact intervention company that enables access to the most basic services that industries and population centers need to achieve economic growth. To eliminate distance barriers, infrastructure is installed, and high-quality solutions and services are delivered to where it’s needed most. 

isixeko Developers are a team of highly skilled professionals from different parts of the globe who make up a passionate company keen to have an impact on the world for the greater good. isixeco Developers is a proudly African company, established in 2023, with the vision to keep you and your organiation on top of the latest products and technological advances in mega city developemnt, infrastructure projects, renewable energy, and customized turnkey solutions.

Montrose Mega City 

Montrose Mega Housing Development, more commonly known as Montrose City Mega

Development (Montrose City), was conceptualized in 2012 by Mr. Briss Mathabathe of Imbani

Holdings (Pty) Ltd., and Mr Clyde D. Lok, the property owner, as a Reconstruction and Development

Program (RDP) housing project.

Montrose Mega City Project

It is a mixed integrated housing development from low cost, affordable and upper market residential units situated in the West Rand Region of Gauteng within Randfontein.

It consists of 5 602 and 8 190 mixed use residential units on Phase 1 and 2 respectively. Montrose City Mega Development has a public and private participation which will yield schools, private and public hospitals, college/satellite university, government complex, theme parks, commercial agriculture, retail, commercial office parks, light and heavy industrial development and other public amenities which will yield a lot of economic opportunities and social integration.

Montrose Mega City housing for everyone

The development will feature 839 units for MK-Veterans, 4695 units for Social Housing, 4953 units for RDP Housing and 2325 units for Bonded/Flisp housing.

Enhancing the location of new housing projects as opposed to building houses for the poor on the periphery of the town.

Middelvlei 100 MW Solar Farm 

The project addresses the West Rand District Municipality’s development priority area of sustainable energy. The project also strongly facilitates trading, employment creation, reduction on fiscus reliance and power security while it is also key to the general economic development and community infrastructure.

Middelvlei Solar Far

A  grid-tied photovoltaic system, including a battery energy storage solution (BESS), is installed to produce power and supply important power requirements for the West Rand District Municipality and its business community to take it into the future and beyond.

The Middelvlei Solar PV plant has total nameplate capacity of approximately 110.3 MWp (dc), coupled with a battery energy storage solution (BESS) of 7,7 MW disbursing 30 MWh to the Grid.

The solar farm will save the municipality 8.9 billion rand in revenue (over the project period), ensure it is protected from ESKOM’s load shedding and help to reduce the towns carbon footprint (tonnes of CO2e saved) to protect the environment for generations to come.

Randfontain Golf estate 

The development is limited to a maximum of 250 sites on 50 hectares around the Randfontain Golf Course.

More Info to follow shortly

The Estate will feature a Retirement section with direct acces to the Live Robinson Private Hospital and inhouse care, standard 2  and 3 bedroom units and luxury 4 bedroom units.

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